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Hi, my name is Marlin Marx, and the following is my true personal experience with chicken cartilage. I was born with cracks in my lowest 4 vertebrae. When I was 15 yrs. old I hit a tree with a toboggan, which widened one of those cracks into a fragmentation of a vertebra. One of those fragments pinched off my spinal cord enough to paralyze me from the waist down. After many prayers, an operation, and a little healing time, I was off and running for a while.
            About 10 yrs. later, I began to exhibit symptoms of Anyklosing Spondylitis. By age 30, the nasty disease had taken hold and taken me down. For most of the next decade, I literally sat up and screamed my way through the nights as my muscles tore themselves trying to follow the
twisting of the bones they were attached to. Then, true to A.S. form, the twisting stopped and the gradual deterioration of all major joints, eyes,
heart, and lungs began.
             I discovered the possible benefits of chicken cartilage through my ongoing research a few years later, but was unable to locate a source for it until about 5 yrs. ago. That's when I found Health Quest European Chicken Cartilage, and started taking 3 capsules per day. After 2 weeks, I noticed less pain and more range of motion in my joints. After 2 months, I felt enough improvement to cut back my dosage to 1 capsule per day.
Thanks be to GOD, who provided working brains and good hearts for the Health Quest folks so they could provide such a convenient, affordable, and effective product as chicken cartilage! Because of HIM, them, and it, I am a walking slap-on-the-doom saying-doctors-wrist! Instead of ending up in a wheelchair like they predicted, I am building "rat rod" wheelchairs! "Building" as in picking up and carrying heavy steel; then stooping, bending and twisting to measure, cut and weld it, etc.! I also crawl under and lean over cars that I repair, and, oh yea, I ride a bicycle 12 miles a day in the summer! Pluck, pluck, pluck!


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Here I am, working on "Beast" between scrap hauling runs.  It's quite a climb up and quite a reach down to get to the part I have in my hand. Five years ago that would have been next to impossible; now it is easy.  So is rolling engines into the scrap trailer that "Beast" tows.  You can see the unique shop doors which my son and I designed and built behind me in the photo. In fact, we designed and built the entire shop, with framing and roofing help from some fellow Christians.  Yes, I did some of the roofing too!     


 -Marlin Marx


Clients name:  not listed upon request.  European Chicken Cartilage has made all the difference in my life!  When I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis 4 years ago I thought I was turning into an old lady.  I couldn’t figure out why this happened to me.  I exercise every day either at Curves or at home.  I eat healthy.  I take supplements.  Why me?  I have learned a lot about Rheumatoid Arthritis since that day.

Because of this crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis, the knuckles of my middle fingers were extremely swollen and looked like a huge mountain when my hands were forming a fist.  And the knuckle of my left index finger was also swollen – sticking out.  My hands looked really ugly.  Different areas of my body (shoulder, hip, and knee) would get inflamed and be very painful...many times to the point of being debilitating; keeping me home from work. I never knew when or where the pain would strike next.

 I tried medicine that my Rheumatologist prescribed.  But I didn’t like it – or the side affects.  So, I quit taking it. European Chicken Cartilage was recommended to me by Dr. Steven Whiting who developed the Curves supplements.  I tried to find it locally but couldn’t.  Dr. Whiting gave me the number for Health Quest out of Payson Utah.  I placed my first order and anxiously awaited its arrival.  The order came right away.  I started taking it and really didn’t notice much of anything for 2-3 months.  Then all of a sudden I did.  One day I noticed the swelling in my knuckles had gone down.  Today my hands look and feel just like they did before.  And I have no more pain – no more inflamed joints.  I feel great!  My Rheumatoid Arthritis factor has not increased.  I love my European Chicken Cartilage and I love that Health Quest makes it so easy to reorder.







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