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It all started back in 1997 when my father was having terrible aching pain in his chest muscles.  The medical doctors didn’t really know what was the problem and so my “Health Quest” began trying to find something that could help him.  First I had to go through a big learning curve.  I learned that if the body is cleansed of the poisons that it is constantly being bombarded with and if you give the body the raw nutrients that it needs, the body can heal its self.  Next I found that my father had a form on rheumatoid arthritis, which lead me to Dr Steve Whiting.  Dr whiting told me about the power of chicken cartilage the only known natural substance  that seemed to help in the reduction of tender swollen joints associated finally rheumatoid arthritis. (See Harvard Medical Study) . Dr. Whiting said “good luck finding some”. Remember this was back in1997.  There were no known companies producing chicken cartilage  here in the United States that we could find so we decided that maybe we could make it our selves.  Wrong. I found out from Dr. Whiting that the chicken Cartilage had to be free of  hormones and antibiotics and that the majority of  chicken farmers here in the USA all feed these products to their chickens to keep them producing more eggs, gain weight faster,  put on  more weight and to keep them from getting sick.   Also because the chickens are kept so close together that without using such antibiotics there would be much more sickness and disease.   We needed to find a commercial chicken farm that could supply us with  many range free chickens (not caged all the time),  that didn’t feed their chickens grains that had been sprayed with insecticides nor feed them any antibiotics. After months of searching we could not find any here in the United  States   We finally  found ranchers in Europe that had free range chickens free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics and company that processed the chicken cartilage, encapsulated and shipped it to us. So European Chicken Cartilage was born and imported to us here at Health Quest where we have been selling it for over 10 years to people like my Dad to help ease their  joint discomfort.  By the way, my father is  now 78  years  young and pain free.  He and my 75 year old mother  take their  full spectrum nutrition supplements every day along with their  European Chicken Cartilage.

   In 1999 my wife developed Brest cancer which led us on another “Health Quest” and another learning curve to save her life.  To make a long story short my wife elected not to try traditional cancer treatments,  instead used a natural approach, which lead us to discover many other interesting healing foods, nutritional supplements, and things that helped her body heal its self.  By the way my wife has been cancer free since 2000 . Both her and I have been trying to educate and help others since 1997 here at Health Quest.   You can find many other nutritional substances on our main web site  We are here to serve you. God bless and thank you for considering doing business with us here at




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